Rhombus is a multifaceted approach to health, education, and curriculum development considering mental, spiritual, physical, emotional and social health interconnected, valuable, and impacted by many other systems, such as, family, culture, economy, media, biology, politics and numerous others. Through innovative education, we strive to equip people, strengthen families, and impact communities.

Health is first and foremost understood through what the Holy Bible describes and upon that foundation, we consider science, research, culture, and individual differences seen in people. Rhombus pushes innovation in counseling and psychology and strives to educate all people with strategies for healthy living. Though this is our foundation, we will provide training content based on what is requested for the intended audience.

Rhombus is a CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) approved CE Provider #129139. Rhombus is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LCSWs, LPCCs, and LMFTs. Rhombus maintains responsibility for this program/course and its content.

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Rhombus develops quality educational content and delivery platforms to strengthen individuals, families, churches, and communities. Rhombus sees development of content and the delivering of that content as a multifaceted endeavor with the potential to positively affect everyone.



Rhombus is a content development company that focuses on developing and delivering subject matter on multiple platforms for the purpose of giving individuals, families, churches and communities, knowledge and tools to strengthen themselves and others. Rhombus sees no shortage of struggles within individuals, families, churches, and communities and develops content to address these struggles and offers solutions to those who need it. Children, parents, families, churches, pastors, businesses, communities, and organizations are comprised of individuals who often have been exposed to a myriad of negative life factors, leaving some people feeling helpless, alone and unable to cope. Rhombus offers training for those individuals or individuals called to aid others in such situations. Rhombus’ core business is to offer solutions that are easily applied on platforms that are readily accessible.


The Rhombus Model

The Rhombus Model is a way to view subject matter. In understanding and using any content, it is valuable to view the content from many angles and viewpoints. People are complex and multifaceted and therefore, when helping people or understanding situations, reviewing how many systems may be impacting the situation and pulling from many different professions, learning platforms, and philosophies will add to the understanding and options for finding solutions or improvement. The best way to apply the Rhombus Model to any situation is to stop and ask “From what other angle could I see this?” People often compartmentalize depending on their knowledge and experience. If a person is a counselor, he sees life through that perspective; if a person is a medical doctor, she sees life through this lens; if a person is a pastor, or teacher, or lawyer, or mom, or grandparent or any other role in life, he or she may view life and solutions from that main perspective when all the other perspectives may also bring wisdom and valuable solutions. The Rhombus Model challenges people to see their situation and possible solutions from as many angles as possible and from this, people will likely find more help, tools, and wisdom than previously accessible. The Rhombus Model also requires a filtering for the valuable information or tools. If information or tools are so complex that the average person is not able to understand or apply it, the result does not fit the mission Rhombus or the purpose of the Rhombus Model. The Rhombus Model would take complex information and tools and package it in a delivery method that most people can understand and use.



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Dr. Julie Hayden, Psy.D. (Psy #24184)