Rhombus Health Organizations

Rhombus Health Organizations connect resources to people struggling with emotional, psychological, spiritual, and relational difficulty. Rhombus seeks to come from many perspectives and offer multifaceted and multidisciplinary approaches to help people find health. Rhombus understands that stigma and cultural values may impede people seeking and receiving help and approaches therapy with creativity, innovation, empirically-supported and culturally-informed methods.



Whether you wish to heal from the past or gain support for increasing the potential for the future, Rhombus can connect you to a counselor. Rhombus currently does not accept insurance and offers counselors from various levels of experience and pay structures to meet your needs. Topics typically covered through counseling include depression, conflict, insecurities, anxiety, psychosis, addictions, PTSD, trauma, relationship struggles, communication problems, infidelity, premarital counseling, sexual struggles, divorce, and many other struggles experienced by individuals, couples, and families. Rhombus Counselors also specialize in many cultures and are flexible to respect therapy from the value system of the client. Take the step to get help now.


There are many reasons a person may benefit from psychological testing. Psychological tests may help improve accurate assessment and diagnosing of learning disabilities, ADHD, mental illness, and other psychological difficulties that may not be so easily identified without thorough investigation using trusted testing instruments. Common psychological tests administered include the WAIS and WISC for understanding intellectual functioning, strengths, and weaknesses. The MMPI-2 is a common test for insight into personality functioning and patterns. Sign up through the therapy online portal, Theranest, and a representative will contact you soon.


Do you have a friend or family member who needs help and you’re not sure how to help? Ask a reliable professional for guidance. Are you a church leader or pastor overwhelmed with needs beyond what you were trained for? We have spiritually trained professionals who can help you navigate through tough situations. There are many situations a person, parent, family member, pastor or employer may seek the assessment of a child, individual, couple, or family to understand more about what is happening and what hope exists for better health and functioning. Rhombus offers trained counselors to review a current situation and offer suggestions for the next step. Rhombus counselors can help connect you with valuable, trusted resources in the community and help you understand the likely steps needed on the road to health.


Rhombus is constantly networking with local and distant resources for those needing help and resources. Rhombus understands that the needs of people, families, and communities are complex and multifaceted and therefore, we constantly seek to add resources and increase the network of quality help for many different situations. For example, Rhombus seeks to partner with quality churches, treatment facilities, government agencies, specialists, and more. Please contact Rhombus if you have a valuable resource.

For any of the above needs, email gorhombus@gmail.com, call 858-848-1766 or sign up with our online therapy portal at: https://gorhombus.mytherabook.com/account/signup and a representative will contact you shortly.