Rhombus facilitates Domestic Violence Counselor Trainings, including the initial 40 Hour Domestic Violence Training for running DVRP groups, the 52-week mandated groups for those convicted of domestic violence, and the advanced 16-hour trainings required annually for counselors to continue facilitating the DVRP groups. The workshops include lectures, presentations, participant experiences, videos, role plays, and question/answer periods. The initial 40-hour training provides participants with basic skills needed to work within a Batterer Intervention Program and the DV community. Participants who successfully complete the mandated initial 40-hour basic training as required in 1203.098 of the California Penal Code will meet educational requirements for running these groups (other requirements must also be met).

After completing the 40-hour training, a counselor must complete 104 hours (a full year of the 52-week groups) of the DVRP group under supervision before being considered “certified” by California and being able to run the groups without supervision. Please note, there are other restrictions you will learn about during the training.

Visit our DV Counselor Training website for upcoming event information and view our Domestic Violence Resources San Diego for a comprehensive list of resources.

Email for information on the next training opportunity: gorhombus@gmail.com.

40 Hour Domestic Violence Training